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Step through the Rift and take your stand for the human race.
Title: Broken Hearts, Twisted Minds

Author: brianna_peirce

Characters/Pairing: Jack/Ianto/OFC, Gwen, Owen, Tosh

Rating/Warning: NC17 (will possibly change) / Explicit violence/sex, angst, action, m/m, m/f/m, character death

Disclaimer: So not mine. No really, they're not.  All things Torchwood belong to RTD and the BBC, I'm just borrowing them.

Summary:  Life is precious. The mind is delicate. When both of these hang by very thin threads, someone needs to take that final step and look over the edge. Unfortunately, Ianto Jones is about to be dragged right along with it.

Chapter One

Pinned to his back, fighting desperately to keep it at bay, he cried out as it's claws gouged across his stomach. His cry turned to a scream when his strength gave out and the creature on top of him managed to press forwards, sinking it's razor sharp teeth into his left shoulder. The agony was unbelievable, swarming his body with red hot blazing pain. A quick jab to its throat from him had the creature rearing up ever so slightly, just enough to make it loose its grip on his shoulder.

With blood and saliva dripping down onto his face, deadly teeth trying to snap back at him and claws scraping at his chest and arms through his clothes, Ianto Jones knew he was facing his possible death. Even if it was in the form of an enraged Weevil. He wasn't surprised that his life flashed before him as he squeezed his eyes shut. Time in his Dad's tailors shop. His time at Torchwood One. Lisa. Torchwood Three. Jack.

Oh God, Jack. He'd never get to see him again. Never feel the touch of Jack's lips against his own as they kissed. Never experience the gentle caress that the Captain held back just for him during the nights alone. He'd never get to hear stories that sounded so extraordinary that they actually had the chance of being true. Worst of all though, is that Ianto knew that if he died tonight, here and now, he'd never be able to tell Jack how much he cared about him. How much he loved him.

The sudden loss of weight pressing him down had Ianto opening his eyes. Struggling to push himself up against one of the walls of they alley he was in, he couldn't stop himself from crying out with the pain that raged from his wounds. Looking about wildly, he spotted the body of the Weevil that had managed to corner him. It lay near the very corner of the dead end alley and from the angle of its head, Ianto thought that it's neck may have been broken.

Movement from his right had him turning his head, his good hand searching for a gun long forgotten in his struggle to live. He only had a moment to register the thing in front of him before he found himself facing his possible death for the second time that night. When nothing happened though, he dared to look closer at what was crouched down in front of him.

Black knee high boots with a sturdy three inch block heel on each boot. Tight black trousers that he though could've been made of something similar to leather. A tight black vest that looked like it was made of the same material as the trousers. It fit snugly against the slim waist and what he realised was a pair of firm breasts. That was the moment he realised that the thing in front of him wasn't a creature, it was a person. A woman. Ianto looked up sharply, hissing a little as pain from his shoulder shot into his neck.

The small sound that he hadn't been able to control seemed to spur the woman on though. Instead of simply looking at him, she pulled a bag from where it had hung over her back. Ianto had been so preoccupied with not dying that he hadn't even noticed it. Now, as she dug through the bag, Ianto looked up to see if he knew this woman.

Ianto was disappointed to see that the lower half of her face was hidden behind a large black scarf. The material was wrapped around a couple of times before both ends hung down over shoulders that were bare. A long thick auburn braid of hair hung over her left shoulder, the tip of it brushing against his useless right hand with the softness of a feather made from silk. On her right arm though, just beneath the shoulder joint he spotted a strange tattoo. It was made up of what he thought might be a rose with swirling black leaves. The tips of the very two bottom leaves looked to be joined to hat he thought might have been something similar to an Egyptian Scarab jewel, the jewel itself the colour of the richest emerald he'd ever seen.

Ianto tried not to flinch when she brought something that looked like a small knife from the bag, but he couldn't stop the small sound of fear that escaped his lips when she raised it towards his already injured shoulder. He realised she must've heard him when she paused, then lowered her hand that held the blade. He looked up at her to get a proper look at her face. What he could see was cream coloured skin, soft cheek bones, smooth winged auburn eyebrows with strands of auburn hair that fell over a brow that held a worried frown.

It was her eyes though that held him still. She wasn't touching him, she didn't need to. Long thick black lashes framed emerald eyes that Ianto would've said were the same as Gwen's except for the colour. Where Gewn's eyes were dark, these were light and warm and so welcoming that he felt he could just sink into them and wouldn't care how long they held him for. When she blinked, Ianto had to shake his head a little, sure that his wounds and blood loss were affecting his ability to think.

Before Ianto could register what had happened, he felt a slight pressure against his injured shoulder then heard the sound of ripping material. He turned his head to see her pulling apart his jacket sleeve and then his burgundy shirt to get to his wound. A part of him mourned the loss of the expensive suit while another part of him tried very hard not to move lest he should be the next thing that she decided to rip apart.

He watched warily as the woman in front of him dropped the small knife back into her bag and pulled out something that Ianto thought he recognised. It looked like the small hand held regenerator that Owen sometimes used back at the hub. After a few moments of what he realised was the humming from the small machine as it scanned first his shoulder then his stomach, he saw her nod in what he took for satisfaction.

A press of a button and a soft yellow light was being held over his stomach wound. A wound that Ianto could feel patching itself up even as he sat there staring at the woman in front of him. It wasn't until the soft light was shining on his shoulder that he realised the wounds on his stomach were healed. Glancing down, he saw nothing but smooth, unmarred skin.

From his Bluetooth ear piece he could hear Jack talking to him, asking where he was. Ianto remembered then that he'd been Weevil hunting with Jack. They'd had to split up when they'd lost sight of the Weevil, which had led Ianto into being cornered by the alien that had managed to double back and trap him in the alley. Ianto had thought that tonight was the night that he would die. Instead, tonight was the night he'd met his guardian angel, so he'd like to have thought.

At Jack's shouted demand for an answer, a demand that could well have deafened him, Ianto took a deep a breath as he dared before speaking.

“I'm fine Jack,” he told his lover, unable to keep a slight waver from his voice as a particularly savaged part of his shoulder began to heal, sending nausea rolling through his gut. “The Weevil's down. Broken neck I think.”

He gasped as pins and needles heralded the return of blood flow to his right hand, telling him that his shoulder had finished healing. The woman looked at him and Ianto didn't take his eyes off her as he saw the apology in her emerald gaze. He offered her a small smile and a nod, letting her know that he was alright, before he heard the sound of running footsteps nearing the mouth of the alley.

She must have heard them as well because now she was dropping the small machine back into her bag and was pushing herself to her feet. Her movements were jerky though and it was only as Ianto used the wall behind him for support as he too rose, that he noticed the torn black material that covered the left side of her ribs.

He instantly felt a stab of guilt at knowing she'd been hurt. She'd gotten hurt saving him and hadn't uttered a word about it whilst she'd treated him. In fact Ianto realised she hadn't said a word at all since they'd met. When he reached out a hand towards her to try and get a better look at her side, she moved away from him, her sudden fear clear in her eyes for him to see.

“I won't hurt you,” Ianto told her, keeping his voice as soft and as non threatening as he could. “I promise, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to check your side.”

The click of a gun's safety being took off followed his words and he fought the urge to roll his eyes at Jack's terrible timing.

“Step away from him right now,” ordered Jack as he slowly moved closer to them, his voice filled with cold anger.

Ianto looked back at the woman in front of him. She hadn't moved a single inch, but he almost laughed when he saw her roll her own eyes in what he could only assume was annoyance.

“Jack,” tried Ianto, only for the Captain to cut him off as he pressed the barrel of his gun against the woman's left temple.

“Move away from him now or I swear I'll put a bullet through your brain.”

Ianto only had a moment to see the disappointment in the woman's eyes before she moved in what he could have only described as a blur of shadows. He was left looking at Jack who was now glaring at the barrel of his own gun as it was pointed towards his own head. Just as Ianto was tensing his muscles, readying himself to jump at her, the woman replaced the safety on the gun before releasing the chamber. The weapon was tilted upwards and Ianto watched as each of the bullets slid free from their chambers to hit the ground.

Ianto looked at Jack to see his lover's face was a mask of emotionless stone. He knew though, that by the slight ticking muscle in Jack's jaw that the immortal was most likely clenching his jaw to keep himself from swearing, his icy blue eye indicating that it was exactly what he wanted to do.

“Jack,” Ianto called, speaking calmly when neither of them moved. “Jack, she helped me. I'd be dead if it wasn't for her.”

For a moment Ianto could only hold his breath as he waited for either Jack or his rescuer to make the first move. In the end, it was Jack who moved. He finally looked away from the woman to look at Ianto. His blue eyes held fear and worry in them as Jack looked Ianto over, not missing the torn and blood stained parts of his suit and shirt.

With what Ianto could only describe as a choked sob, he found himself pulled into a crushing embrace as Jack's strong arms held him tight. It was only as Jack's body heat began to warm him that Ianto realised that he was shaking. Then Jack's lips were on his own, hot and demanding and begging all at once and Ianto found that he didn't care they were being watched. He'd almost died tonight and that was reason enough not to care who watched him as he kissed Jack with as much passion and relief and love as he could show without any words.

Ianto felt that the kiss was over far too soon for his liking when Jack drew back to look at him properly. “You're sure you're Ok?” asked Jack, running a hand over Ianto's right shoulder as he spoke. “You're not hurt?”

“I'm fine Jack I promise,” replied Ianto, giving the immortal an eye roll and a smirk when he felt Jack's hands wandering no where near where the wound in his stomach had been. “I'm fine. Our new friend was hurt though. I think the Weevil caught her on the ribs.”

With reluctance, Ianto turned from Jack's embrace to see the woman who'd saved his life was now crouched besides the body of the dead Weevil. From the corner of his eyes he could see Jack picking up his gun and it's bullets, putting both back where they belonged. When she laid a hand onto the side of the Weevil's face and turned to face them, Ianto felt as if his heart was breaking.

The pain and sorrow that darkened the woman's eyes made Ianto's heart ache. He could practically feel her regret at having to kill the Weevil and although he wasn't sure if he should, Ianto still moved towards her, crouching down besides her and offering her an understanding smile. He could feel Jack standing close behind him, could feel the reassuring weight of the hand that rested on his left shoulder.

“There was no other way,” Ianto told her. “There was no other choice.”

“There is always another choice,” came her reply, muffled by the scarf and so soft that Ianto almost didn't hear it. “Even if it can't be seen.”

Neither Jack nor Ianto had the chance to reply before she simply vanished right in front of them. It was like she'd just blinked out of existence. If it hadn't been for the dead Weevil at their feet and Ianto's torn and bloody clothes, it would've been like she'd never been there in the first place. Ianto knew in that moment that if that was the case, it would be him lying at Jack's feet, dead and cooling instead of the Weevil.

Looking up at Jack, he could see the silent agreement in the older man's eyes. No matter how long it would take, they'd find her again. Without a name though, they had very little to go on.

Three weeks had passed before Gwen managed to find a lead on Ianto's mysterious saviour. In the end, all they could do was search the hospitals for a description of a pale woman with long auburn hair, green eyes and the strange tattoo that Ianto had seen. It turned out that a woman matching their description was transferred to the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff's major hospital. She'd been transferred from a smaller hospital in the Shropshire county in England.

“Owen, Ianto, you're with me,” ordered Jack, pulling on his coat and heading for the large cog door that would take him out of the hub. “Gwen, Tosh, see what else you can find on our Jane Doe.”

Jack didn't look back, knowing full well that his team were already doing as he'd asked. If he had, then maybe he'd have seen the worried look that the girls passed between them. He may have even seen Owen giving Ianto a reassuring smile that was accepted with a slight nod from the young Welshman.

“You have to understand, gentlemen,” the nurse who looked to be in her late forties, early fifties told them as she lead Jack, Owen and Ianto down the corridor towards the private rooms of the ward. “She couldn't have possibly been running around Cardiff like you said she was. She hasn't taken a single step on her own two feet for the last six weeks.”

“I'm sorry, you'd know this how?” asked Owen sarcastically as they stopped outside of the last door on the right at the end of the corridor. “The last time I checked, nurses weren't doctors.”

It was probably the most stupid thing Owen could've said to the short, but stocky nurse who barred them from the room with her feet planted at shoulder width apart and fire in her eyes as her rather large chest heaved with every furiously indignant breath she took.

“Now you listen to me you little weasel,” she growled, wagging a thick index finger under Owen's nose. “I don't care who you are let alone what you're a doctor of. I've been with that poor girl from the minute she was brought in at the other hospital to this very minute where I'm now stood in front of a doctor that quite clearly needs to get a bedside manner before he can even start working on making it any good!”

At Owen's shocked imitation of a goldfish, Jack couldn't help smirking. It seemed to Ianto though, that stupidity was probably catching as the scary nurse turned her steely eyes onto Jack.

“And you, Captain Whatever-The-Bloody-Hell-You-Name-Is!” Ianto watched silently as Jack's smirk was quickly wiped from his face and the immortal man swallowed hard. “Striding in here and disrupting this hospital like you own it is the quickest way to getting yourself thrown out on your ear. Keep your hands to yourself, keep a lid on your womanising – yes I didn't miss the way you were talking to the receptionist or the way you've been eyeing up my female and male staff. If I hear so much as one complaint, or so much as a single raised voice from this room then I will personally show you the door with my foot up your backside, young man!”

“Yes ma'am,” replied Jack solemnly.

When she turned to Ianto, he had to fight the urge to turn on his heel and run as if the hounds of Hell had been right behind him. Instead, he met the nurses grey eyes with as much seriousness and concern as he could. It seemed to do the trick as he saw the woman's gaze soften.

“Take care of her,” she told him softly. “She's done nothing to deserve spending the rest of her life as she is now. And get that Captain of yours to take you out for a proper meal or two. You need fattening up, lad.”

With a motherly pat to his right arm, the nurse turned gave Jack and Owen a last glare before she waddled away up the corridor. Ianto watched her go until she turned a corner and then he looked at Jack and Owen. Both of them were gaping at him.

“What?” he asked, slightly affronted at their incredulous looks.

“Come on,” said Jack irritably as he opened the door to the room and stepped in. “You can't have missed the way she looked at...”

When he trailed off, Owen and Ianto glanced at each other before and then walked into the room as well. They both came to a stop and stared at the figure in the bed. The woman lying in the bed hardly looked like the one Ianto had described. She was so pale that if it hadn't been for the beeping of the monitors by the beds they would've thought she was dead. Her cheeks were hollow and Ianto could easily see her collar bones where the hospital gown had been moved down to allow for the pads of the heart monitor.

She only had a slim oxygen tube hooked over her ears that fed oxygen through her nose, so Ianto knew she was breathing on her own. However, the monitor that was attached with various wires to her head showed no signs of activity. An I.V. line was attached to the inside of her right elbow while a clip-on pulse monitor and blood pressure monitor was attached to her left arm and left index finger. The staff had obviously been looking after her well as she was clean and her newly washed hair trailed over both shoulders in two braids.

“Yan?” asked Jack quietly, looking at his young lover with concern. Ianto hadn't said a word since he'd stepped into the room. Actually, Jack realised, that none of them had spoken until now. “Ianto, is this her?”

He watched Ianto carefully as the younger man looked down at the occupant of the bed with a mixture of confusion and worry and something that Jack thought could have possibly been grief.

“I don't...” Ianto swallowed and tried again. “I can't be sure. I didn't... I didn't get a good look at her face. Only the tattoo.”

“Then let's check for one,” replied Jack, gently moving his lover aside and bending slightly so he could pull up the right sleeve of the hospital gown. When the black, red and green markings came into view, Jack knew this was their woman by they way Ianto stumbled back and dropped into the visitor's chair behind him.

“It's her,” Ianto told him, his voice hoarse with an emotion that Jack couldn't put a name to right then. “Oh God, Jack. It's her.”

“Hey, hey, it's alright,” Jack soothed, crouching in front of Ianto and holding Ianto's face between his hands so that he had the young man's full attention. “It's gonna be alright. We'll figure out what's wrong with her, bring her round then get her back to the Hub. If anyone can do it, Owen can.”

“Well Owen is not a bloody miracle worker,” sighed Owen as he held out the woman's chart for Jack to look at. “According to her chart, she was found exactly six weeks ago at the doors of the local supermarket. She was unconscious, with no money and no I.D. Which is why she's been classed as a Jane Doe. She's breathing on her own, but hasn't moved a muscle since she was brought in. That dragon nurse was right. There's no way this can be the woman you saw Ianto.”

“It is. I swear Jack, that's the woman that saved me. She even got hurt doing it.”

For a moment Jack looked carefully at Ianto. The conviction in his blue-grey eyes, the earnest expression on his face let Jack know that Ianto believed this was the woman that had helped him, but even Jack had his doubts regardless of the tattoo. Then Jack latched onto the last part of Ianto's words. Standing up, Jack looked down at the young woman in the bed while speaking to Owen.

“She got hurt helping Ianto. Clawed by the Weevil.” He looked up at Owen, making sure that the young doctor understood what he was saying. “There should at least be some scarring somewhere on her ribs.”

With a curt nod, Owen pulled the bedding down to her stomach to leave her with some dignity and then began to gently pull up the white gown. To Jack it felt like each inch the gown moved upwards was taking hours and to Ianto, it felt longer. When the first silver scar came into view, Jack held his breath. When four more were revealed, his breath escaped him with a quiet curse.

Jack had seen enough claw marks from a Weevil to easily recognise them. Ianto had been right all along. This was the woman that had saved Ianto three weeks ago and with that decision made along came a healthy dose of guilt as well. “Ianto,” sighed Jack. “I'm sorry I didn't believe you.”

“It's alright Jack,” replied Ianto, looking at the young woman with a sad smile. “I almost didn't believe myself either.” The younger man looked up at him. “What do we do now?”

“According to her notes she's stable,” Owen answered after replacing the gown and blankets. “She's just not waking up. We can move her to the Hub if you want Jack.” As he thought about what they should do, Jack watched Owen take a small pen light from his jacket pocket and lean over the woman. As soon as he touched her to open one of her eyes, her left hand shot up and her fingers wrapped around his wrist.

“Fuck!” swore Owen, trying and failing to prise his wrist from her grip. Her eyes opened wide and she took in a loud gasp of air, the sound very similar to what Jack did when he came back from the dead.

“It's alright, you're safe,” said Owen, relaxing his captured hand and using the other to check the pulse in her neck. When she began fitting, Owen abandoned her pulse and tried to hold her shoulder down with his free hand. “Don't just stand there Jack! Help me hold her down before she hurts herself!”

Owen hadn't even finished the sentence by the time Jack was leant over the woman, having to press almost all of his weight onto her just to keep her on the bed. Whoever or whatever she was, she was too strong to be human.

“Ianto, mate,” called Owen, carefully keeping his words clear so the stunned Welshman wouldn't misunderstand him. “Get the sedative from my kit. The quicker we get her sedated the less chance there is of her hurting herself or one of us.”

Jack looked over his shoulder at Ianto to see the younger man doing as he'd been instructed and pulling out a syringe from Owen's black medical kit. He only had a moment to look back at Owen, seeing the doctor grimacing from the pain in his wrist, before the hot sting of a needle on the side of his neck was followed by the cold of the sedative being injected into his bloodstream.

With a savage string of his own curses, Jack released the woman and surged backwards, pushing the solid weight of someone away from him with his own body before he had no choice but to lean back against the foot of the bed. He could hear Owen swearing behind him, the words becoming distorted as the drug in his system quickly took effect. Though he tried to get his gun, he couldn't get coordinated enough to actually bring it out of its holster before his knees buckled and he felt himself hitting the ground.

Looking up at Ianto through blurring vision, terror shot through Jack when he saw a black shadow standing behind Ianto. One shadowed arm was wrapped around the young man's chest, while the free shadowy hand plunged a needle into the side of Ianto's neck. He dimly heard Ianto cry out before his blurred form was pushed to the ground besides Jack.

Jack just managed to hear a couple of gunshots before darkness swallowed him.

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Title: Torchwood's Guardians

Author: brianna_peirce

Pairing: Jack/Ianto/OFC

Rating: R (just to be on the safe side)

Warnings: Swearing, graphic sex/violence

Spoilers: Mentions of KKBB + Sleeper

Disclaimer: Neither Torchwood or Doctor Who are mine, which is obvious, but I can dream.

Summery: On a routine Weevil hunt, when things take a turn for the worse, it would seem that Jack's got a guardian angel watching his back. The rift becomes more active, groups are gathering in the shadows of the streets and an old friend crashes back into Jack's life, as well as an old enemy. Not a good time to be Torchwood.

(This isn't a crossover with Underworld. Thanks to krazy_mona for being my Beta, she's a real angel, so any remaining mistakes are mine.)

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Title: Torchwood's Guardians

Author: brianna_peirce

Pairing: Jack/Ianto/OFC

Rating: R (just to be on the safe side)

Warnings: Swearing, graphic sex/violence

Spoilers: Mentions of KKBB + Sleeper

Disclaimer: Neither Torchwood or Doctor Who are mine, which is obvious, but I can dream.

Summery: On a routine Weevil hunt, when things take a turn for the worse, it would seem that Jack's got a guardian angel watching his back. The rift becomes more active, groups are gathering in the shadows of the streets and an old friend crashes back into Jack's life, as well as an old enemy. Not a good time to be Torchwood.

(This isn't a crossover with Underworld. Thanks to krazy_mona for being my Beta, she's a real angel, so any remaining mistakes are mine.)

 Part One:  http://brianna_peirce.livejournal.com/938.html 

Part Two:  http://brianna_peirce.livejournal.com/1093.html

Chapter Three

The Sleeper Agent screamed again as he dropped to his knees, his coppered haired hostage forgotten in his agony. Though Jack glanced around the room, his attention was once again dragged back to the alien that was now writhing on the floor. It was clawing at its blade arm, its chest, its face and neck. Anything that it could reach. All the time, more and more boils and blisters were appearing on its exposed skin, growing then bursting, like the blister from a burn. The Agent flopped onto its back, its eyes wide and mouth open, no longer able to scream as dark pink foam surged up and out of its mouth, running in boiling, bubbling rivulets down its face and chin.

Its unseeing eyes suddenly began to bulge, some sort of pressure pushing behind them until they finally exploded, sending fluids every which way. Jack sensed Ianto and Gwen staggering backwards, gagging and fighting hard not to be sick. Then hissing and crackling, as pink steam rose out of the Agent's mouth, nose, ears and ruined eye sockets, while its body went still. Its skin began to darken, becoming burnt and charred, while its middle suddenly collapsed in on itself, revealing a pool of boiling and steaming ooze where organs, muscle and flesh should have been.

"Jack?" At Tosh's shaky whisper, he looked over at the Asian woman, who was still holding her portable scanner. "He's been boiled alive. Tremendous heat surge from the inside. But there's still five Agents left."

"Where?" asked Jack, making sure to keep his voice low and quiet, so that he didn't draw attention to himself or Tosh.

"Behind the bar, moving towards the back door."

Looking towards the bar, and more importantly, the mirrored wall behind it, Jack felt his blood run cold as he saw the reflection of the hidden Sleeper Agent heading towards the back door and towards the young man who stood there.

"Grey, look out!"

Even before the words had left his mouth, Jack knew he'd been too late. The lad had stepped forward, a look of surprise on his face, only for it to turn to shock as the hidden Agent's blade surged through his stomach to come out of his back.

"Chase me, or save the boy!" snarled the Agent as he pulled his blade from his victim's body, savagely twisting it, drawing a cry of agony from the young man.

Forgetting about the other Agents, about his team and everyone else in the room, Jack shot forwards. He caught the bleeding lad as his knees buckled and he dropped back, taking them both to the floor. He laid him down on his back, pressing his hands to the bleeding wound, even as he shouted hoarsely for Owen's help. As the young doctor dropped to his side, he could already hear the woman at the front door shouting out orders.

"Felicia, Beth. Track down that Agent and wipe him out. Celeste, see to Grey, stabilise him until I can get there. Aiden, burn all but this one."

Jack looked up from his bloody hands to see two of the women running out of the back door, after the Agent, while the Albino woman dropped to her knees besides him. He didn't fight when he was pushed aside by the pale woman, instead his attention was held on the woman he could only presume was named Tasia, as she dragged one of the hostages away from an Agent, then pinned the Agent against the wall with such speed and ferocity that the wall behind the Agent cracked.

"Miss Sato!" called Tasia as she pinned the Agent's blade arm to the wall with one hand while she tightened her grip on his throat with the other. "All the information the Sleeper Agents collect is stored in the implants in their arm, correct?"

Jack looked over at Tosh to see her looking uncertainly at him. He gave her a nod of encouragement while the other three Agents around them began to scream, their hostages forgotten in their agony, as they met the same demise their comrade had encountered.

"Y-yes," replied Tosh uncertainly. "But I don't see what good that can do us at the moment."

"Plenty if you know how to use it."

The woman's reply was given with a soft growl as she savagely pulled and twisted the blade arm. The sickening sound of bone crunching and snapping, of tendons and muscle tearing were only just out done by the Agent's screams of horrified agony as his arm was torn off just above his elbow. From somewhere in the background Jack could hear Ianto being sick, and he had to fight with his own desire to lose the contents of his stomach as bile began to rise in the back of his throat.

"An eye for an eye," Tasia growled with grim humour, as she quickly and efficiently drove the blade of the torn limb through the Agent's left eye and into the wall behind him, pinning him in place then stepping back to allow the body to hang limply. "An arm for an arm."

"Tasia," called the Albino woman, dragging Jack's attention back to the injured lad on the floor besides him. "Doctor Harper and I have managed to slow down Grey's bleeding, but unless we can either get him to a hospital or back to base very soon -"

"We can take him back to the Hub," interrupted Jack, looking up at Owen fiercely. "He can survive the journey back, can't he?"

"We're only a few minutes away. As long as we don't get stopped by anyone or anything, he'll make it back."

Jack gave Owen a decisive nod of his head as he slipped one arm under Grey's shoulders and the other under the back of his knees. With Owen's help, he got to his feet. Without waiting for the others Jack walked out of the now deserted pub quickly and carefully. He could sense Owen following, and after a moment he realised that the others were as well.

"Ianto, we need to get that place cleared and those hostages Ret-conned," said Jack, relief flooding through him as the large water tower that was the Millennium Fountain came into view.

"About that..." Ianto trailed off as Jack turned to face him, only to come to a halt when he saw the woman, Tasia, standing besides Ianto, with the other two, Celeste and Aiden, standing behind her. Behind them, was the deserted pub, now ablaze with roaring flames, while a crowd of people, including four very confused looking ex-hostages, stood on the path across the road from it.

"Captain," said Tasia, her voice soft and level. "Life saving now, explanations later."

Without another word, Jack turned and carried on towards the invisible lift, Gery's blood soaking through the front of his shirt with each step he took.



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Title: Torchwood's Guardians

Author: brianna_peirce

Pairing: Jack/Ianto/OFC

Rating: R (just to be on the safe side)

Warnings: Swearing, graphic sex/violence

Spoilers: Mentions of KKBB + Sleeper

Disclaimer: Neither Torchwood or Doctor Who are mine, which is obvious, but I can dream.

Summery: On a routine Weevil hunt, when things take a turn for the worse, it would seem that Jack's got a guardian angel watching his back. The rift becomes more active, groups are gathering in the shadows of the streets and an old friend crashes back into Jack's life, as well as an old enemy. Not a good time to be Torchwood.

(This isn't a crossover with underworld. Thanks to krazy_mona for being my Beta, she's a real angel)



 Part One:  http://brianna_peirce.livejournal.com/938.html

Chapter Two

"Hang on," said Owen as he planted three pints of beer on the table in front of him then sat down next to Tosh and Gwen. "Let me get this right. You got thrown on your arse by a girl who ordered you to stay away from the Weevils?"

"She wasn't human," defended Jack as he placed his own pint glass of water on the table in front of him. "There's no way she could've been human and communicated to the Weevils like she did."

"Well, it might interest you to know," said Ianto as he sat down next to Jack, a superior twinkle in his blur-grey eyes. "That I've managed to find something on a species that can not only communicate with the Weevils, but also share some of the traits that you mentioned, Jack."

"How so?" asked Tosh, her curiosity piqued.

"There wasn't a lot on them in the Archives, only a single page really, and I had to go back to the very beginning, when Torchwood was first set up. But, it would seem that Queen Victoria herself made a bargain with a species called Guardians."

"I've heard of them before," muttered Jack, his blue eyes narrowing as he tried to think back to when he'd first heard of them.

"Very likely," continued Ianto. "It was an uneasy alliance, made on trust alone, between the two Queens. Queen Victoria and the Queen of the Guardians. It would seem, that these Guardians would pop up hot on the trail of Sleepers, like Beth had been. They'd only come into the open when a Sleeper had been activated. If they couldn't make it in time to stop them, then they simply cleaned up what was left and put things back to rights."

"That still doesn't explain what they are," said Owen as his attention was grabbed by a group of women who walked in. "What species can communicate with a Weevil and throw Jack on his face like a sack of potatoes?"

"Hey!" protested Jack, even though his own eyes twinkled with humour.

"Alright," said Gwen, not looking at Jack but at the same group of women that Owen was watching. "Tell me this then. What group of women, on a night out around the town, order only water?"

Jack looked over to where Gwen motioned to with her head and saw four women. From the looks of them, each one were in their late twenties. Just as Gwen had said, each woman held a glass of water as they made their way to sit at a table directly across from their own. Where one woman was as pale as snow with almost white hair, another woman looked the exact opposite, with dark chocolate skin and ebony black hair. They sat in a circle around the table, and the next woman Jack saw was tanned golden, her hair a cascade of copper down her back. The final woman was the one that stood out though. Her skin was pale, but not unhealthily so. While her mousey brown hair seemed to shimmer slightly with just a hint of blue.

"I don't care!" hissed the black haired woman in an angry whisper. "She died for us. For that kid. All I'm sayin', is that he'd better be worth it, or I'll rip that place apart myself. Torchwood or no Torchwood."

Jack glanced at the rest of his team, not surprised to see they were also listening in on the women's conversation. So without a scrap of guilt, he watched the other table out the corner of his eye and listened.


"Felicia!" hissed the white haired woman. "Be careful what you say. Unless they're active, we have no idea where or who they could be!"

"I'm sorry, Celeste," sighed Felicia, slumping back down in her seat. "It's just so frustrating having to wait, is all. There's so many of them and so few of us. We're dying out."

"We are only dying if we give up," replied Celeste gently. "Tasia will not let us do that."

"Speaking of which," said the red head. "Where is Tasia? Wasn't she supposed to be here by now?"

"You know what she is like, Aiden," answered Celeste with a soft laugh. "A free soul if ever there was one."

"She's hurt," muttered the only woman who had not yet spoken.

"Beth?" enquired Celeste, raising an eyebrow.

"Tasia. She's hurt," replied Beth with a worried frown. "And she's heading right for us."


Jack instantly tensed as the door to the bar was thrown open, banging against the wall. A quick glance at the rest of his team told him that they expected trouble as well. What he hadn't expected was for five people out of the crowded tables to suddenly stand, dragging the nearest person to them to their feet, then holding the familiar long, flesh coloured blades against their hostages.

The screaming started as he surged to his feet, instinctively drawing his gun and aiming it at the largest Sleeper Agent. There was no way he could manage to get a good aim. People were running and screaming around them, in between him and his target. Around him, his team had already drawn their own weapons and taken aim, though their chance of actually hitting an Agent and not a hostage were as bad as his.

"I believe you have one of mine," came the silky voice from the doorway. A voice that Jack recognised.

In a few quick glances, Jack had managed to assess the situation. The five Sleeper Agents held their hostages close to their bodies, making sure that their human shields carried out their purpose. At the odd shimmer of copper coloured hair, he realised that one of the hostages was the red head from the table of women that he'd been eavesdropping on.

The rest of the pub had emptied out, leaving the Sleeper Agents and his team at a stand still, four of the hostages blubbering and begging for help, while the red head stood silently and calmly in the grip of her captor. Her three companions stood directly opposite Jack and his own team, neither one moving, but simply watching. Waiting.

In the open doorway, stood Jack's mystery saviour from earlier in the night. Her hood no longer hid her features. Golden skin, high cheekbones, pert nose, heart shaped face. Black glasses hid her eyes, but from the way her lips were pressed into a thin line, he could guess that pain was just one of the emotions she had hidden behind them. Her hair, pulled back behind her, shone with gold and red strands, the pubs lighting making it look like living fire.

Though she stood straight and tall, her shoulders back and her arms by her sides, Jack could tell she was injured. In the side of her black top, just along the left side of her rib cage, Jack could make out a tear in the material. In that one tear, he could just make out raw flesh and the glimpse of white rib bone. Yet she held herself strong, her breathing slow, if shallow, and her movements that of someone who had all the time in the world.

The one thing they didn't have was time, and Jack knew this. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Tosh working on her hand held scanner, obviously working hard on deactivating the force field that the Sleeper agents used. She needed time, something that Jack would do whatever he had to do to make sure she got it.

"Their shields are down," came a male voice from the back doorway.

The minute Jack looked over to the speaker, it felt as if he'd been punched in the gut. The air stalled in his lungs as pain kicked into his chest. Leaning against the door frame, arms crossed over his chest, dark brown hair tied back at the nape of his neck and very familiar blue eyes, stood a young man in his early twenties. A dark red T-shirt stretched over muscled shoulders, pale blue jeans skimming long legs and black Doc Martins on his feet. He looked every inch the young club goer and every centimetre a predator. He might have grown up, but Jack knew who he was.

"Right then!" said the injured woman, her voice startling Jack slightly as she clapped then rubbed her hands together. "Down to business. Let the hostages go and I might let you walk out of here alive."

"We'll walk out alive, alright," replied the largest of the Agents, pulling the red head closer to him, almost lifting her off her feet. "The others have already arrived and there's nothing you can do to stop us. You and this miserable little planet will burn."

"We won't let you do that," growled Jack, pushing his own personal feelings deep down and forcing a coldness into his voice. "We stopped you before, we can do it again."

"You're too late," laughed one of the smaller Agents, a female. "You've already been factored into our plans. You and your precious Guardians. We know everything about you, all of you. We know your weaknesses, your flaws. We know what makes you tick and how to hurt you."

"Now you see, that is where you have a problem," said Jack's saviour, her voice calm, her tone almost bored.

"Then how about you share it with us," snapped Owen, tightening his grip on his gun, his eyes never leaving his target.

"The last time their lot encountered me, I was a very different person back then. Too understanding, too forgiving. Too kind." Jack barely managed to fight the shiver that snaked its way down his back at her last couple of words. "Quite a lot has changed since then. Take now, for instance," she continued, reaching to her left side with her left hand. "I am pretty hard to slow down."

Jack watched in morbid fascination as she dug the fingers of her left hand through the tear in her top and into her own flesh. He heard the snapping of bone and had to fight the urge to be sick as he watched her pull her fingers back out, the now broken off rib bone in her bloody grasp. Looking back to the wound, he was stunned to see a rib grow back, then become covered with flesh, muscle and finally smooth golden skin.

"Damn sight easier to heal if nothing is there in the first place," she told the stunned onlookers, nonchalantly tossing the now useless bone aside. "Aiden, show your admirer what it is like to really burn."

Something was going on, Jack was certain of that. It felt almost surreal, being unable to do anything other than stand and watch, gun drawn, as the red head's captor suddenly stumbled then pushed her away as if he'd just touched hot coals. Then the Agent began to scream.









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 Title: Torchwood's Guardians

Author: brianna_peirce

Pairing: Jack/Ianto/OFC

Rating: R (just to be on the safe side)

Warnings: Swearing, graphic sex/violence

Spoilers: Mentions of KKBB + Sleeper

Disclaimer: Neither Torchwood or Doctor Who are mine, which is obvious, but I can dream.

Summery: On a routine Weevil hunt, when things take a turn for the worse, it would seem that Jack's got a guardian angel watching his back. The rift becomes more active, groups are gathering in the shadows of the streets and an old friend crashes back into Jack's life, as well as an old enemy. Not a good time to be Torchwood.

(Could really do with a Beta if anyone's interested?)


Chapter One

By the time Jack realised he'd been tricked, it was too late. The pack of Weevils already had him on the ground and were tearing into him with their claws and razor sharp teeth. His whole body was a mass of agony and his mind was filled with the red haze of pain. He'd been chasing one lone Weevil, Owen and Gwen had lost them, and he'd managed to corner the alien in a dead end of one of the alleys of Cardiff Bay. He should've known something was wrong. The Weevil had simply crouched and growled at him. Usually they tried to scrabble the walls, trying to find a way out, but this time the Weevil hadn't even been afraid. The last thing he remembered before the pain took over was a heavy weight colliding into his back and dragging him to the ground, knocking the wind out of him and leaving him with no chance to defend himself.

The greyness was just beginning to swim in front of his eyes when a loud, sharp whistle pierced his ears and he couldn't help but cringe at the sound. Then he could breath again, the weight of several Weevils gone, leaving him gasping for breath. Using what strength he had left, Jack rolled onto his side, his eyes scanning for another attack. Instead though, what he saw almost made him want to laugh. The very same group of Weevils that had took him down were now crouched, silent and waiting, around a dark, shadowed figure. Jack could just make out the low growls and clipped sounds coming from the dark figure before the Weevils suddenly stood.

He tried to shout out a warning, but all he could managed was a choked rasp, but he needn't have bothered. The Weevils slunk off, quickly disappearing into the shadows, leaving Jack with a problem. Yeah, the Weevils had been bad, but he had a feeling things were about to get a lot worse as he watched the stranger turn and walk towards him. As he or she got closer, Jack forced his hand to reach for his gun, but when his fingers managed to wrap around the handle, gloved fingers wrapped around his wrist, keeping his hand down with surprising strength. He looked up, feeling his eyes widen and his jaw drop as soft, pink lips parted in a smile, revealing long, pointed canine teeth.

The grip on his wrist tightened considerably, making him release his gun handle. Then warmth flooded his entire body, causing him to gasp and his body to tremble, while heat pooled deliciously in the pit of his stomach. It took him a moment to realise that his wrist was now free and his saviour had stood up and was now walking away from him. Jack moved, rolling onto his front and pushing himself to his knees, his mind doing a quick inventory of wounds that now seemed healed even as he called to the stranger to wait. She stopped, head tilted slightly to the left.

“Stay away from the Weevils.”

Jack blinked, not quite sure he's heard right. In something close to disbelief, he watched as she continued to walk away, her steps unhurried, as though she had nothing in the world to worry about. Groaning, Jack pushed himself to his feet, every aching muscle in his body fading even though it healed. With a determined scowl, he followed after her, reaching out to grab her arm. A mistake, he realised, when he found himself face down on the ground, his arms pinned behind his back and held down with a well placed knee.

“You are just plain stubborn,” he heard her growl against his ear, her breath against his skin making him shiver slightly. “And you are beginning to annoy me. Not a wise combination.”

“Wisdom's never been my strong point,” Jack replied, letting his body relax when what he really wanted to do was throw her off and pin her to the ground beneath him.

“I will tell you, one last time. Stay away from the Weevils.”

Though her voice had been firm and leaving no room for argument, there hadn't been any malice or hate, something that Jack had expected. Only concern.

“And if I don't?” asked Jack calmly, straining to look at her over his left shoulder.

“Majesty ,” hissed a male voice before she could answer him. Jack felt the woman above him tense up, the pressure on his arms increasing slightly as the voice called again from the shadows. “Majesty, we know you're there. You can't hide from us forever.”

The sneering voice sent chills down Jack's spine. It sounded oily, cold and pure evil. He heard the woman above him curse, and the pressure holding him down was gone. Though he looked around, Jack couldn't see a single soul other than Owen, Gwen and Tosh running towards him as he stood.

“Jack!” panted Gwen as she bent over, holding her knees and trying to catch her breath, while Owen and Tosh were leaning against one of the walls. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” replied Jack absently as he looked down at the open palm of his right hand, surprised to see a piece of paper in the middle of it.

“What've you got?” asked Tosh, looking up at Jack expectantly, causing the others to focus on him as well.

Without answering, Jack opened up the piece of paper (psychic paper he realised) and stared at the writing on it.

'Keep away from the Weevils,'


Looking down from her perch on the edge of the roof, she watched as the Captain tucked her note into his pocket. Though his team walked back to their SUV, he stayed. When he glanced upwards, she ducked back, sure he couldn't see her, out of sight as she was. When he turned to go, she finally edged over the side and dropped silently as the car doors slammed shut. Clenching her fists and scowling at the night, all she could do for now was wait for the sun to rise.

“This is not right,” she muttered into the small ear piece on her right ear. “I should just go in there and take him out.”

“You know you can't do that,” replied a voice over the comm-link. “The only reason he's remained safe is because you've kept your distance. Wait for the morning, stick to the plan. If they find him before he's ready, the rest of us are all as good as dead.”

“I think we deserve a drink,” she replied into the comm, not bothering to hide the tiredness from her voice. “Tell the rest to be at the usual place. I will meet you all there.”

“Ana, you're not going to do anything rash are you? You know you're supposed to be taking it easy.”

“No. Just take in the night air, maybe listen to the stars. Sirus was close tonight. Too close. I just need to take a little time to myself for a moment, that is all.”

“Be careful, my friend. We shall see you shortly.”

With a soft growl, she switched the comm-link off and took it out, slipping it into her left jacket pocket. It was time for a good hunt.


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Ok, I'm new at this Live journal stuff, so if i mess up, I offer apologies now.

Has anyone else found problems with the password for mission three of the Torchwood game to get into New Eden? If anyone can confirm it, it'd be much apreciated as it, s very quickly and quietly driving me round the bend. 

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